Soil erosion is one of the major problems faced by the farmers.

The level of soil erosion can be determined by 2 factors. First, how much rain or wind the area experiences on a daily basis. Second, how good is the vegetation or plantation in that area. As it is not possible to combat against the power of rain or wind, you can use certain ways to prevent soil erosion.

Here are a few soil erosion control ways that can help you reduce the damage caused by soil erosion:

1. Plant vegetation: By plantation of trees, shrubs, and ground cover, you can control soil erosion to a great extent. The practice becomes more effective in the areas where there is a lot of damage due to soil erosion. The roots of trees and shrubs actually help in keeping the soil intact and controlling soil erosion at the same time.

2. Use of mulch: Mulch not only keeps the soil cool, rather it helps in controlling soil erosion by properly covering the top most layer of soil. Not only this, mulching also helps to reduce the impact of rain and wind and hence serves as one of the best methods of preventing soil erosion.

When you are troubled with soil erosion in your garden, using the above soil erosion control ways is a smart option.