Riverton, Manitoba – January 20, 2017 –ErosionControlBlanket.com and Verdyol Plant Research are pleased to announce that merging of their operations, resulting in the launch of a single, more customer focused brand, ECBVerdyol.

“ECBVerdyol represents the bringing together of two strong organizations, and an incredible depth of established products”, said Mark Myrowich, CEO, ECBVerdyol. “As a unified company, we’re able to provide one central point of contact for our customers and collectively build upon our reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the Erosion and Sediment control industry.”, said Myrowich. Founded in 2001 by Myrowich, ErosionControlBlanket.com produces erosion control blankets, Stenlogs, Rifle M100 Staple gun and Factor T staples from its Riverton, Manitoba manufacturing facility for distribution throughout North and Central America.

Verdyol was formed in Switzerland in 1971, and was responsible for developing the first patent on a cotton and agriculture fiber hydromulch. ErosionControlBlanket.com acquired the rights to the Verdyol name in North America in 2004, with the acquisition of Verdyol Plant Research. Verdyol manufacturers Biotic Earth, the leading biotic soil amendment that provides a proven biotic soil enhancement to poor soils.

ECBVerdyol will be in attendance at the Atlanta Georgia IECA Environmental Connection conference, scheduled for February 23-24, 2017. “We hope attendees will stop by our booth and learn more about these exciting changes, and ECBVerdyol family products that includes erosion control blankets, fiber rolls, hydraulic straw mulch, biotic soil amendments and the Rifle M100 Staple gun.” Said Myrowich.