Project Description

Oregon, USA

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Installation to 3 Months


Six Months

In the fall of 2011, Botanical Development, a restoration contractor in Oregon, had a project with very challenging soil conditions in eastern Oregon. They were working on a project that was going to restore a section of the Umatilla River to help with the annual Salmon spawning migration. There were several challenges to deal with on the site. To start with, the area receives approximately 13” of annual precipitation. The soils also contained very little organic matter. The contractor contacted our local distributor, ACF West, to see if they had any ideas on how to promote growth without importing topsoil.

Biotic Earth Black was chosen by the contractor and the Umatilla Tribe as an alternative to importing topsoil. The area was seeded with a native seed mix, and Biotic Earth Black is an excellent alternative in cases such as this. Importing topsoil can have negative effects on native seed installations as many times imported topsoil can contain unwanted seeds which can out-compete the desired vegetation. Biotic Earth Black also enhances the disturbed soils on a construction site by enhancing the organic content of the soil and restoring fungal and bacterial colonies needed for long term sustainable vegetation.


1 Year Later

The job was seeded in November of 2011, and as you can see, there was a very nice stand of native vegetation by the end of the following year. Biotic Earth was shown to be an excellent alternative to traditional seeding techniques.