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Soil building and vegetation establishment on less than ideal conditions in a simple, economical hydraulically applied system!

Master gardeners have used peat moss for years as an effective seed germination and growth medium. Now hydroseeders can increase their vegetation growing success and reduce the need for topsoil through the addition of Canadian Sphagnum peat moss in the Biotic Earth Hydraulic Growth MediumTM, a perfectly balanced organic enrichment growth medium. When either the EarthBound® 2000 or Scientific is combined with the peat, specially processed wheat straw and flexible flax fibers, soil building, vegetation establishment, plant growth and maintenance are effectively enhanced. All these benefits, and extremely effective rainfall and runoff resistant.

Mycorrhizal Fungi:

“The straw and peat-based hydro mulch has worked very well for us. Grass was growing within the first season of its use, and within the second season birdsfoot trefoil was blooming.”

~ Réjean Gagnon, Senior Adviser of Environmental Projects – Hydro Quebec

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