Project Description

before2-300x192   Project: Line 2E Road widening near Terra Nova, Ontario.
Challenge: Very steep hills with a very sandy soil, Difficult to widen road without large amount of excavation. Some of the slopes are 1:1 and 70 feet in height.
Solution: Dol Hydroseeding proposed a two step approach. First step is to apply Biotic Earth BFM at a rate of 3500lbs per acre to add the organic amendment to the soil. Second step is to apply Soil Guard over top at a rate of 4000lbs per acre. This two step approach was necessary given the very sandy material and the steep slopes. Erosion Control Blankets were not feasible in this situation because of the steep conditions and loose material.
Results: The project was seeded in late September/ October and did not have much time to fully mature but the initial results are impressive. Much of the area is fully vegetated and on near-vertical areas, the BFM/Biotic Earth combination has held up in most places. during-300x188 after-300x192 before-300x191