Project Description

S32 BD 16′ Big Daddy Roll

Straw Erosion Control Blanket

Category Ecological Color of Net Brown – top, and bottom Width
16 ft 4.88 m
Product Name S32 BD ECTC Description Short Term
Product Description Double Net Straw Blanket. 100% Biodegradable ECTC Category Type 2.D. 337.5 ft 137.2 m
Matrix Fiber 100% Straw AASHTO / NTPEP Tested No Area
600 yd2 500 m2
Matrix Fiber Weight 0.5 lbs/yd2 (300g/m2) Meets Requirements FHWA FP-03 Section 629 Type 2.D.
Number of Nets 2 – Top and Bottom Roll Type Big Daddy Rolls/Pallet 4
Netting Degradation Biodegradable * Longevity Up to 12 months Pallets/Truck 26

* Blanket functional longevity is approximate and dependant on environmental extremes and site specific conditions.

Actual product may not be exactly as shown

Item Code S32 BD 8′ Big Daddy Roll

Specifications: S32BD