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S32 8′ Standard Roll

Straw Erosion Control Blanket

Category Commercial Color of Net Green, top, and bottom Width
8 ft 2.44 m
Product Name S32 ECTC Description Short Term
Product Description Double Net Straw Blanket ECTC Category Type 2.D. 112.5 ft 34 m
Matrix Fiber 100% Straw AASHTO / NTPEP Tested YES Area
100 yd2 84 m2
Matrix Fiber Weight 0.5 lbs/yd2 (300g/m2) Meets Requirements FHWA FP-03 Section 629 Type 2.D.
Number of Nets 2 – Top and Bottom Roll Type Big Daddy Rolls/Pallet 16
Netting Degradation Photodegradable * Longevity Up to 12 Months Pallets/Truck 26

* Blanket functional longevity is approximate and dependent on environmental extremes and site specific conditions.

Actual product may not be exactly as shown

Item Code S32 8′ Standard Roll

Specifications: S32BD