Project Description


Project: Equipment rental location with 2,000 m2 of erodible slopes with very poor soils to vegetate.
Challenge: To establish vegetation and prevent erosion on parking lot and storage area perimeter slopes. The subsoil is mostly gravel. Adding topsoil was not an option.

Application: Seed and fertilizer was applied with Biotic Black and then covered with Flexguard.
The Biotic Earth Black was applied in the first pass at 3,900 kgs/ha combined with a site specific seed blend of Red Fescue, Red Top, Canada Bluegrass, Alsike Clover, Spring Barley and Fall Rye at 225 kgs/ha. Fertilizer was applied at 15-25-15 with 50% at 375 kgs/ha.
FlexGuard-FRM was applied at 3,900 kgs/ha over-top of the revegetation slurry for maximum erosion prevention.

Two weeks after application:

Five weeks after application. Success!5-weeks
Conclusion: Verdyol Black Earth Black provided erosion prevention and delivered prompt results for the client. Adding Black Earth to an inventory of vegetative products allows Maritime Hydroseed to expand the scope of the applications that provide solutions to address expanding environmental concerns.