Project Description

2011-11-28_15-05-03_ Biotic-Earth-Black-Spring_forwebProblem
Officials at the Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis, MN were looking to vegetate a rip-rap lined channel for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Minnesota Native Landscapes, the contractor hired to complete the work, suggested using Biotic Earth Black as an alternative to importing topsoil. As they were using a native seed mix, they did not want to import soils that could contain a seed bank which would complete the desired mix of vegetation they were establishing. Verdyol Biotic Earth Black was also a good method to fill the voids in the stone.
Verdyol Biotic Black was installed at a heavier rate than usual in order to fill voids in the stone to the proper depth. The material was then covered with a wood fiber mulch. As you can see, vegetation began to fill the voids and stabilized the area.
This project shows the versatility of the Biotic Earth product. The material can be used synergistically with any traditional rolled or hydraulically applied erosion control product. It is also an excellent solution when being used in a more non-traditional method. Areas that are considered too difficult to place topsoil on can now be vegetated by amending the in situ soils using Biotic Earth.
Case closed.