Project Description

mr_june4th mr_project_complete_may15 applying_biotic_earth_blackProject: Waste water treatment ponds for the provincial medium security jail. 70,000 m2 of slopes and channels to protect
Challenge: Milner Ridge is the reminisce of a sand deposit from Lake Agassiz which was created by the last ice age.
Very little topsoil to salvage and place back on the slope creating a very erodible condition
1. The engineering firm received quotes of $6.00 per square meter to haul and place 3 inches of topsoil.
2. Use Verdyol Biotic Earth Black along with S31 erosion control blankets to kick start the growth of vegetation while controlling the erosion for a couple dollars less per square meter.
JR Cousins Engineering firm chose option #2 with the condition that the Contractor Mid Canada Hydroseeding guarantee success. biotic-earth-hgm-applied-20
Guaranteed Success was defined as growth to 70% expression or coverage of the site and any erosion that occurred before that growth so that the rills were greater than 2 inches deep were the responsibility of the contractor unless there was a rain event greater than 3 inches in a 24 hour period as determined by the closest Environment Canada rain monitoring station.

extensive_root_growthBiotic Earth HGM applied.
Mid Canada Hydroseeding applied seed and fertilizer along with 3900kg/ha (3500 lbs/acre) of Verdyol Biotic Earth™ Black and blend of 60% Canadian sphagnum peat moss, 40% mechanically and thermally processed wheat straw fiber with flexible flax fiber along with added mycrozea inoculant, tricontonal growth stimulant and micronutrients.
S31 – Single sided straw blanket was placed on the slopes and S32 – Double sided straw blanket was placed in the channels. Blanket was used to prevent erosion on the project. Biotic Earth Black works best when combined with an erosion control product such as a blanket. The blanket will last one year giving the vegetation time to mature.
On September 9, 2008 the site inspection determined that vegetation was established over 96% of the entire site and no erosion occurred on the main structure. There was two spots that had some erosion, one on the out ditch from overland flow from the bush area and the second one off the landing pad run off down one slope. The project was a success, vegetation established to prevent erosion and secure the lagoon structure.