Project Description

Manitoba – PR373

Manitoba, Canada

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The primary goal of the erosioncontrol methods used on construction sites is to establish sustainable, low maintenance vegetation. Failure to control erosion can have significant impacts such as water pollution, loss of topsoil, and even damage to infrastructure due to the erosive forces of wind and water. There are significant financial incentives to establish a healthy stand of vegetation on all construction sites.

Topsoil is very costly, if feasible, to replace. Failure to prevent erosion can result in fines from regulatory agencies. Long term, poor vegetation establishment can lead to significant expenses for municipal and state agencies having to return to a site and fix
erosion problems. Frequently, potential users of Verdyol Biotic Earth Black ask two similar questions about the use of the product. What kind of long term impact will this product have? Can you show me a side by side comparison of where Biotic Earth was used and where it wasn’t? Manitoba PR 373 is a great project that truly highlights the impact of Biotic Earth Black.

PR373_Case_Study-1Biotic Earth Black was used to seed areas around culverts in order to ensure stabilization of those critical areas. This enabled us to have defined areas to review what the long term impact of Biotic Earth Black is compared to areas where it was not used. After three full years of growth, there is a clear line on the project where vegetation is much denser, greener and taller. The result of this is there is much lower risk of erosion, water pollution, and repair costs incurred by maintenance departments.

Biotic Earth Black :

PR373_Case_Study-3The use of Biotic Earth Black establishes propernutrient cycling in the soil to provide a feedstock for the soil building process. Biotic Earth Black is aweed free blend of 60% peat moss, 40% thermally refined straw and flax fibers as well as a propriety blend of fungal mycorrhizae and plant beneficial bacteria. The addition of the peat moss acts as a reservoir for holding nutrients essential for plant establishment and growth. The bacteria in the blend aid in the decomposition of organic matter for plant use and by fixing atmospheric nitrogen for the plants to be used. Fungal mycorrhizae increase the root zone of the plants and aid in the uptake of nutrients and water. By providing the necessary elements for the natural soil building processes the desired vegetation thrives and crowds out weeds hat otherwise would take hold and further prevent the desired outcomes. This project provides a strikingcomparison of the benefits to using Biotic Earth Black and the risks of not establishing a healthy vegetation cover to protect the soil and the project investment.

PR373_Case_Study-4In the sandy soils this test case project provides striking evidence of the benefits provided by Verdyol Biotic Black to the vegetation establishment and the prevention of erosion.
All areas receiving seed and standard mulch alone experienced erosion as seen in the adjacent photo.