Project Description

biotic black filled half soil filled half PROBLEM:
Biotic Earth Black was chosen as an alternative to importing top soil for a project in central Iowa. As this was a new alternative, the inspectors allowed Biotic Earth to be sprayed on one half of the channel, and traditional soil filling techniques on the other half. Biotic Earth Black was sprayed at a rate of 3500 lbs per acre and Earthbound Scientific at a rate of 70 lbs per acre. Both sides of the ditch were covered by a double net Curlex blanket from American Excelsior.

fall picture afterSUCCESS:
The contractor realized time savings by being able to spray the growing medium into the TRM instead of spreading topsoil. As a result of this, Biotic Earth was sprayed in other parts of the job instead of importing topsoil. Both sides vegetated well, however, there was evidence of unwanted vegetation growing in where the topsoil was imported. The areas that were sprayed with Biotic Earth were vegetated primarily with the seeds that were specified on the project.