Project Description

Approximately 2:1 highly erosive slopes (sandy soil) along the south perimeter of the Canada Olympic Park parking lot across from the Sports Hall of Fame building.During a rain event, the slopes were becoming rilled and there was extreme sediment washing onto the parking lot due north. This was compounded by an upper (higher) asphalt parking pad also draining onto the same slopes. Financial penalties were being incurred due to the ‘polluted’ runoff going into city storm sewers. Due to the degree-of-slope, RECPs / erosion control blankets were not an option, as there would be major disruption to any re-vegetation (hydro-mulch) layer underneath, during the installation phase.

Michele’s Landscaping, a local landscaping firm in Calgary along with Brock White Construction Materials, worked together to install Verdyol Biotic Earth Black at a hydroseeding rate of 3900 kg/ha, and not containing any tackifying agents. A secondary application of Soil Guard BFM (bonded fiber matrix) provided a fibrous crust (matrix) to reduce rain impact / shear and wind erosion of the Biotic Earth seed mix underneath.

One year later (September 2012) grass establishment on the 2:1 slopes was thick and robust, and some turf varieties were spiking seed-bearing heads (thriving). Legume establishment was about 15%. Throughout the spring and summer of 2012, slope erosion and / or sedimentation onto the COP West Parking Lot was no longer an issue.

Case Closed.