Project Description

Project: Big box store development (Lowes, Royal Bank, Zephyrs Grocery)
barrie-ontario-hydroseeding-picture1Challenge: To establish vegetation and control erosion on future building lots in the development. The subsoil is very sandy silt and highly erodible to which the contractor installed 3 inches of topsoil before seeding
Seeding method: Hydroseeding the area was the seeding method of choice and National Hydroseeding the contractor selected to do the job used Verdyol’s Hydrogold mulch at a rate of 2400kg/ha (2000lbs/acre) with Earth Bound 2000 at a rate of 45kg/ha (40lbs/ acre)

barrie-ontario-hydroseeding-picture3Results: In less than 3 weeks and after two 1 inch intense rains the mulch held the erosion and a consistent stand of grass grew.
Quote: National Hydroseeding’s owner Ed Lange said “I like this product for three reasons:
1. The packaging is second to none and I get more on top my truck than any other product.
2. It flows nicely through my hydroseeder and I get 30% more in a tank which means more productivity for my crew.
3. I find that I get better vegetation growing under wheat straw than wood or paper fiber and that is important in my industry.”