The erosion control products we offer at Verdyol Biotic Earth have been put to the test in some seriously strenuous environments. When we first encountered Milner Ridge, the entire area was nothing more than extremely loose sands prone to erosion at a very fast rate. To prevent erosion, we stepped in to provide the hydraulic mulch the area needed to reclaim the ground and offer protection against the possibility of serious loss.

We laid down S31 and S32 straw erosion control blankets along with hydraulic mulch and seed. Once water and fertilizer were added in, some very good results emerged. Grass and legumes were able to reclaim land in as little as one year. The grass did not last past the first year, but the legumes provided their nitrogen-fixing properties to the soil and made a big difference in the overall outlook of the land.

To date, there has been no erosion at Milner Ridge and the Verdyol Biotech hydraulic mulches are very much responsible for this. Grass has returned to the area, which has attracted deer to the area for grazing. Thanks to the deer, natural fertilizers are being added to the nutrient levels of the area and soil building is occurring naturally.

The Milner Ridge project is a very good example of how our erosion control products can protect even difficult to maintain areas from being prone to erosion. The various Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches we offer help to promote natural growth that will maintain erosion protection over the life of the area. By promoting natural growth of vegetation, it is no longer necessary to replace topsoil or conduct other unnatural means for maintaining the environment. Nature has taken over with sustainable vegetation for natural erosion control.

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