Do you know whether the soil in your garden is healthy or not? You can learn it by simple observation.


If your soil is compact, it will take in some water but it will be difficult to dig, and the plant roots will automatically spread in the side direction instead of the downward direction. If you are still unable to determine whether your soil is healthy or not, look for soil insects, earthworms, and vigorous roots. This would give you good clues to know your soil composition.

However, while observation can help you know much about your garden soil, there is yet lot more that is not visible. In order to assess the levels of soil acidity, and the need for any amendments, you can conduct an appropriate soil test at home with the help of a test kit. Once the result is achieved,  you can send a sample of the result to a reputable soil laboratory. This will be a much simpler, and inexpensive process that will help you to determine the exact status of your soil. .

If you are facing any problem related to soil, follow the above tips to test the quality of your soil or you can also look for professional help to improve the quality of the soil.