Among the new products we offer at Verdyol Biotic Earth is Virgin BFM. This is a stable product that offers hydro-seeding through a thermally refined product that creates sturdy vegetation establishment and maximum performance. Using this product offers a high rate of cover and hydraulic mulches that are almost completely carefree. When using the product, it helps to know how to correctly apply it so that the best results are possible.

Preparing the ground is highly important when using these erosion control products. By making sure that the soil is stable and de-compacted, it is possible to ensure the seed will fully penetrate and take root. The soil will need to be tested to assure it has the right organic quantity. If not, certain adjustments will need to be made using a hydraulic growth medium.

Once the ground is prepared, it is time to start with the actual installation process. You will need to make sure that you have a 50-degree tipped fan type nozzle to spray the mix slurry at a continual rate at the proper pressure. This will make sure that the soil is covered appropriately.

The hydraulic mulch will need to be mixed with about 125 gallons of water to every 22.5kg bag. Make sure to follow the instructions for mixing carefully so that the product is ready for distribution in an even manner. By making are that there are no obstructions through purging, the mulch will broadcast evenly.

When applying the Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches, it is essential to make sure a double-sided application is being administered. The best way to do this is from the top of the slope and the bottom of the slope. If access to the top of the slope is not possible, a backwards and forwards application can assure that all angulations are achieved.