Dissette Street Widening and Reconstruction
Bradford, Ontario, Canada


• Close proximity to environmentally sensitive wetlands.
• Green Wall system required.
• Dye free requirement.

Early summer, 2010. Biotic Earth Black sprayed into Terramesh gabion green wall system.


The Green Wall System for this project proved that structural exibility is greater than hard armor systems, while still maintaining visual integrity in the
completed project.

1 year after installation, vegetation was even and exceeded all expectations.


The Dissette Street Widening Project had several unique features, chief among them was the requirement for a green wall system due to the projects close proximity to an environmentally sensitive wetland. Maccaferri’s Green Terramesh was chosen for the structural component and combined with Verdyol’s Biotic Earth to promote sustainable, lush vegetation. Biotic Earth was applied to the filled gabon wall at a rate of 3,500lbs/ac and topped with a ber reinforced matrix (FRM) for further erosion control.

Biotic Earth is a good choice for situations where topsoil quantity or quantity is marginal due to the products ability to add it’s substantial water and nutrient storing capacity – up to
26 times it’s own weight. It is also a good addition in situations such as was found on this project where vegetation was needed, but a soil layer was lacking entirely.

“Not only do you get the site specific structure you need, you get the vegetation you want – it’s the best of both worlds.”
Santiago Tersigni, Maccaferri Canada, Ltd.

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