6 Benefits of Verdyol Virgin Wood Fiber Mulch

There are several erosion control products we make available to you at Verdyol Biotic Earth. Selecting the right one will help in making sure you are getting all the benefits you need for your soil. Our Verdyol Virgin wood fiber hydraulic mulch is a great way to get the maximum benefit. Try out this and our other Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches to enjoy more benefits. Here are six benefits you can receive from using our wood fiber mulch.

  1. As mentioned by Roto Chopper, wood fiber mulch can come from anywhere. Since our wood fiber mulch is from all virgin soures, you will receive the best performance and more established vegetation.
  2. Our wood fiber mulch is easy to mix and shoots great to provide the coverage you need at the rate you prefer.
  3. The chemical and thermal refining process our wood fiber mulch goes through provides successful projects through enhanced germination and superior erosion protection.
  4. The use of our virgin wood fiber mulch prevents the growth of weeds to allow desirable plants to grow. Without the need to compete for light and water, the preferred plants can grow successfully.

Water retention in soil is better due to soil protection offered from the wood fiber mulch. Compacting and crusting are not issues with the use of wood fiber mulch. In addition, evaporation is not as much of a concern.
The use of our virgin wood fiber mulch recreates the environment found on a forest floor. Weeds are prevented from growing and the underlying soil is protected from damage from landscaping tools or other kinds of machinery.

Using our virgin wood fiber mulch allows plants to grow uninhibited while maintaining a better root structure. This kind of root growth is just what is needed for long-term erosion protection.

Mulching and its Many Benefits

Wind, water and deforestation are the major culprits behind soil erosion. Erosion control mulch is added to the soil in order to enhance its condition and make it more fertile. Here are some of the benefits of lawn mulching –

  • Mulching helps in preventing soil erosion by ensuring that the soil does not wash away.
  • Mulching offers protection to the roots of the plants during winters. Since plant roots can get uprooted during winters owing to frost, mulching prevents this from happening.
  • Mulching maintains the moisture in the soil and prevents plants from drying up.
  • There are various nutrients, minerals, sugars and starch present in soil erosion mulch, which adds to the fertility and productivity of the soil.
  • Another benefit of mulching is that it does not allow weed to grow in the lawn. As weeds can be disastrous for plants and soil, mulching helps in controlling their growth.

There are various types of mulches available in the market. Good quality mulch should be used after assessing the plants’ needs, as well as, the climatic condition. It is therefore advisable to contact a reputable mulch supplier who can provide you the best mulch as per the requirements of the soil.

Mulch Options for Erosion Control

There are several erosion control products on the market to help prevent the loss of soil on a slope. The grade of the slope and other environmental factors may play a part in what kind of erosion control is necessary. In most cases, the use of loose mulch, erosion control blankets, hyrdomulches and a combination thereof are the preferred methods for preventing erosion.

When using loose mulch, there are a few separate options: straw, wood chips and compost. Straw is by far the least expensive of the three, but needs to be mixed with an emulsification for better tack. Additionally, crimping or punching the straw is necessary to enjoy better erosion control. Wood chips are damaging to the vegetation in soil and compost tends to be very expensive.

Another popular erosion control is to use erosion control blankets. These vary in composition as well as price. They require preparation to the soil and a lot of labor in order to install them correctly. Not only do you have to use enough blankets to cover the entire slope, but about three feet at the top of the slope as well. Every layer must overlap the first and an abundance of lawn staples needs to be used to maintain steady and secure contact with the underlying soil.

At Verdyol, we prefer to use hydraulic mulch. The Verdyol Biotic Earth hydraulic mulches we make available do not require any preparation of the ground and can be used for just about any slope to promote proper vegetation growth. We utilize special equipment to mix the hydraulic mulch and to apply it to the slope. We apply from the top of the slope and then again from the bottom to assure that complete coverage is achieved. Because we do not have to actually stand on the slope to apply the hydraulic mulch, we can cover large slopes with ease.

Why You should Mulch Your Lawn?

Global warming is becoming a serious threat for our existence. So how can you contribute towards making this planet green and livable? As soil erosion, owing to deforestation, water or air is causing productivity to go down; it becomes necessary to make the soil fit and fertile for plantation.

There are various erosion control and hydro seeding products that are available in the market that you can use to make your soil fertile. Apart from these, mulching is one of the most effective methods of maintaining the quality of your soil. By adding mulch to your soil you not only add its fertility, but you also ensure that the soil does not get eroded as well.

Mulching in addition helps in moderating the temperature of the top soil. This means that during winters, a layer of mulch can prevent the soil from freezing, while it can also prevent the soil from extreme temperatures in the summers that may lead to slow down plant growth. So, find the best wood fiber mulch for your garden and make it fertile and lush again.

How to Prevent Soil Erosion?

The removal of the top layer or the soil by water, wind or deforestation is known as soil erosion. As global warming has become a serious threat to the safety of our planet, it becomes crucial that we do something to stop soil erosion. Here are some simple, yet effective methods to prevent soil erosion –

  • Since plants and trees help hold the soil tight, planting more trees and plants is one of the simplest and methods of preventing soil erosion.
  • Over watering leads to washing up of the top layer of the soil. Therefore, ensure that you do not over water your plants as this can lead to soil erosion.
  • Building wind barriers in places that are windy can also help prevent soil erosion.
  • Mulching is one of the most effective methods of making the soil rich and preventing further damage.

Maintaining the quality of the soil is very essential for healthy plantation. There are various erosion control products available in the market that can be applied to make the soil fertile again. Choose the best product and give your soil a new lease of life.

INFOGRPAPHIC: Soil Enhancement

Biotic Earth presented an Infographic titled ‘Soil Building’ which has been created with the big idea of showing the differences between how nature creates soil and how soil can be built and improved artificially. This would subtly highlight the benefits of using erosion control products of Biotic Earth.

Below points have highlighted in the Infographic:


  • · The major processes of soil building naturally and artificially
  • · The major products to be used
  • · Time durations for each step in the natural soil building process and how the combined artificial soil building process takes lesser time.


So, Please have a look and share your thoughts.


How to Install and Mix Biotic Earth’s New Verdyol Virgin BFM Product

To install our latest mulch product you have to follow simple steps:-

Mixing Of Biotic Earth’s new Verdyol Virgin BFM
Pack hydro seeder tank with water to a position where the paddles are ¼ enclosed and may be activated. Make active the mechanical confrontation system. Major pump as well as any release hoses prior to adding up any alteration, Verdyol Virgin BFM or soil stabilizer/tackifier. Carry on filling tank with water to just about ¾ full in addition to start on accumulating bags of Verdyol Virgin BFM. All amount of mulch must be accumulated before the water level arrives at eighty five percent of the tanks capability. Put in seed and/or supplementary amendments to slurry as necessary. Entirely fill up tank with water as well as permit slurry to combine for a smallest amount of five minutes or in anticipation of all the Verdyol Virgin BFM is assorted into steady slurry.

Application of Verdyol Virgin BFM
Preceding to application and integration of the mulch it is suggested that the site be precise and striking to known areas to guarantee suitable seed, alteration, and Verdyol Virgin BFM application charges. Carry hydro seeder to suitable operating pace and dissenter speed for slurry application. Apply in a steady and smooth manner athwart soil plane. Apply from differing directions to make sure the highest level of treatment, effectiveness, as well as performance. Along with the last two steps are cleaning and storage; equipment should be cleaned as well as stored in a cool place.

By following these steps, you can ensure your wood fiber hydraulic mulch will work wonders on your poorly treated soil.

Verdyol Virgin Line Production Underway

Here’s a first exclusive look at Verdyol Virgin bags we recently had printed. This line is our 100% virgin wood fiber hydraulic mulch for maximum performance and vegetation establishment. What do you think of the color?


Biotic Earth Green vs. Biotic Earth Black

Biotic Earth Green

The Biotic Earth HGM hydroseeding mulch is used for soil building in addition to enhancing vegetation establishment. Its main use however, is for erosion control and maintenance.

Let’s look at its Labratory Analysis:

  • Active hydraulically applied mulch and growth medium that includes a high concentration of soil builders and affords highly effective erosion control.
  • The amount of organic substance used in the composition of Biotic Earth HGM is 95%.
  • Its moisture content is about 31% ± 5%, which allows for great germination and the mulch’s pH value is about 6.
  • As defined by the Erosion Control Technology Council, the Verdyol Biotic Earth Green is classified in the class of hydraulic mulch.
  • Its main ingredients are sphagnum peat moss and thermally processed straw and flexible flaw fibers.

Biotic Earth Black
Usually the functioning areas of Biotic Earth Black are very similar to the Biotic HGM mulch, however they do differ in manufacturing processes and materials. Through a scientifically balanced combination of specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers, infused with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, mycorrhizae, triacontonal growth stimulant, soil conditioners, and micronutrients you get the best possible soil conditioners in the Biotic Earth Black.

Let’s look at the laboratory analysis:

  • Active hydraulically applied mulch and growth medium that includes a high concentration of soil builders and affords highly effective erosion control.
  • Its total organic matter content is about less than 95%.
  • Moisture content is about 44.5% ± 5% and has a lower pH of 5.5.
  • May be considered a Stabilized Mulch Matrix (SMM) when used in conjunction with EarthBound® 2000 and EarthBound® Scientific Soil Stabilizer & Tackifier.
  • Biotic Earth BlackTM and the EarthBound® Soil Builders improves moisture holding capacity, water infiltration, soil structure, soil microbial activity, optimizes seed germination, improved plant photosynthesis and cell growth, effectively kick starting and long-term maintenance of the vegetation.
  • All these benefits, and rainfall and runoff resistant.

Using Soil Stabilizers in Conjunction with Hydraulic Mulches

EarthBound 2000 Soil Stabalizer & Tackifier is specially engineered and prepared to offer effectual binding of hydraulic growth standards for erosion control and soil stabilization on mild to temperate slope gradients and fairly erosive circumstances. It is prepared from both extended chain and cross-linking molecules in combination with a hydrocolloid vegetable gum foundation tackifier that offer successful soil structure stabilization, water permeation, and most prominently to adhere mulch to the soil plane. The stabilizer is functional in approximately all environmental circumstances including light rain devoid of any necessity for a heal time prior to consequent rain.

EarthBound Scientific Stabilizer easily adapts to all environmental situations, and can withstand light rain as well. It offers enormously effectual erosion control in purposes where vegetation establishment may entail up to twelve months. This specifically engineered and formulated to provide enhanced binding of Verdyol Biotic Earth Hydraulic Growth Mediums is for highly active soil building and soil stabilization for moderate to extreme slope gradients and extremely erosive conditions. It is produced from mutually long chain and cross-linking molecules in mixture with a hydrocolloid vegetable gum grounded tackifier to supply effective soil  stabilization, and water permeation.